Requirements in friendship! Why?

No, select the friend is not easy! And needs a lot to demand. "Demand? - say our boys and girls.- Why? And what to demand?"
And requirements in friendship necessary, the Main of them are: honesty, generosity, gentleness, faithfulness, tact in relations between boys and girls, chaste relationship to each other, the desire of all to protect it, in everything to help him; ability to criticize the mistakes and shortcomings, to convince, to change bad behavior, to get rid of coarseness, swagger, and so on, the demands to the other and together with the respect to his personality - hardly probable not the main requirement that children are, unfortunately, not typical. They can much require from each other, but not delve into its possibilities, the conditions of these requirements.
So, Ira N. (eighth grade) says that her friendship with Serezha K. broke up allegedly for nothing: she asked Sergey to come to her to 6 PM order to walk together. Sergey refused, explaining that he needs to stay home with two-year-old sister. Ira pouted, "Who is more important to him - I or sister? Think, would like to attach". Friendship broke up. Ira considers itself to be right, "in friendship, they say, there should be no failures and excuses". And is she right? Reacted do it to the other with respect? Could understand his noble care of your sister? No. Obviously, Sergey and will not regret broken friendship. And he is right.
But look at your children: sometimes they respect of friends, but nothing, nothing from them require!" Where, for example, they draw similar conclusions: "If you're a friend - be patient, let me do wrong, wrong... let me unimportant man, but you... you should not be angry because you're a friend, you still I have to respect as a friend". It was written by Natasha Century (eighth grade). Here is how: if you are friends, nothing, nor ask! Be patient as there is! Narrow-minded philosophy, nothing to say.
And she, without your timely Council and participation lasts for years. She leads the person towards incorrect: "so what, " you say a drunken husband to his wife... " what if I drink that annoy you... Because you are the wife, be patient...".
In early teenage friendship laid the foundations for the necessary relationship of unity, respect and demands on the individual.
A. S. Makarenko attached great value to this principle. And he was right: his students later turned out to be a decent, respectable people and in family life and in groups, in which they worked.