Trench foot

Trench foot - a special form of frostbite lower limbs, resulting in a long continuous cooling and humidity legs with moderate (above zero) external temperature (for example, from the fishermen in the North, wearing wet shoes in the trenches during the war, hence the name of trench foot).
However, when a trench foot, unlike conventional frostbite, the signs of defeat of the legs gradually develop on the background of continuing cooling. If prior to the first signs of defeat of the legs possible to dry and warm, and then they again become wet, the picture of trench foot may develop suddenly and violently. There are four stages of destruction. First in 12-15 days (sometimes 3-4) stay on a cold wet shoes pain, sensitivity disorders, muscle weakness, particularly in the toes. The second is accompanied by swelling, redness of the skin. The first and second stages reversible (mild forms of trench foot). At the third stage of the first blisters on my fingers and plantar surface of the stop, and then ulcers. The fourth stage of trench foot - numbness deep tissue, which often passes into the wet gangrene (see), or complicated by anaerobic infection (see).
Treatment of lesions of the first and second stage - the heat, ultraviolet radiation; in the third and fourth stages - as if frostbite (see). Prevention: the use of waterproof shoes, creation of conditions for its drying.