Fig. 1. Vlasoglav: top - female, below is a male. Fig. 2. Vlasoglav on the mucosa of the caecum of man.

Trichocephalosis (trichocephalosis) - helminthiasis caused by vlasoglavami Trichocephalus trichiurus. Length male, 30-45 mm; female 35 - 55 mm (Fig. 1). Very often in the caecum, sometimes in the lower part of the ileum and throughout thick guts. Vlasoglav is fixed on the wall of the intestines thin head end of the body (Fig. 2). With the feces of patients with trichocephalosis allocated eggs of helminths, which Mature in the soil. Human infection with trichocephalosis happens if swallowed Mature eggs from contaminated vegetables, fruits, particles of soil.
The clinical picture. There are unwell, diarrhoeal disorders, pain in the abdomen. With the penetration of vlasoglavy in vermiform process arise attacks appendiceal colic, and with a secondary bacterial infection - appendicitis. Describes hemocolitis. Frequent headaches, dizziness, trouble sleeping. Marked epileptiform convulsions. Sometimes develops standard or hypochromic anemia. Trichocephalosis often subclinical.
The diagnosis is based on detection in Calais eggs of vlasislav.
Treatment Saptamona, oxygen. Naftamon appoint 3-5 days in a row. Day (single) dose for adults - 5 g; children under 5 years of 2-2,5 g; 6-8 years - 3 g; 9-10 years - 4 g; over 10 years - 5, a Single dose of the drug carefully stir in 50 ml of sugar syrup and take 1 hour before Breakfast in the morning. Oxygen is introduced into the rectum for 15-20 minutes after cleansing enema. Dose of oxygen per session adults - 1200-1500 ml, children - 100 ml of 1 year of life. The cycle of treatment is 5-7 days. With proper treatment, the prognosis is good.
Prevention. Sanitation of settlements, the consumption of vegetables and fruits only after washing.
Cm. also Helminthiasis, Helminthological research methods.

Trichocephalosis called small worms, which reaches a length of 3-5 cm. The head end of the parasite as thin as a hair, so he called vlasoglavami. Distribution of trichocephalosis largely similar to the distribution of ascariasis, but the parasites live in the human body is much more - up to 4-5 years (Fig. 2). In adulthood whipworms parasitize in the colon, as would be bound by the head end of the mucous membrane and in this way help in the lumen.

Fig. 2. Whipworms (original)

Selected fertilized females, microscopically small eggs can within 1-2 months to develop before the contagious stage, after hitting in warm, moist enough and protected from sunlight soil. To infect a healthy person, ripe eggs must get into his body through the mouth. We already know that this can happen at non-observance of rules of personal hygiene and food hygiene.
From the Mature eggs of vlasislav, who now live in the human gut, hatch the larvae. Of them and will increase the adult worms. If roundworm feed on the juices of the body, in the diet of vlasoglavy largely enters the blood dripping from the damaged parasite intestinal wall.
In some cases, particularly when the infection is not massive, clinical manifestations of the disease is not observed, or they are very weak. But often whipworms cause very severe form of the disease. Phenomena on the part of the digestive system can remind the clinical picture of ascariasis, but the appetite while trichocephalosis often reduced. Very frequent headaches, nausea, dizziness, weakness, and irritability. Abdominal pain are often paroxysmal character. Patients may develop anemia, impaired function of the nervous system that is the result of exposure to harmful for the human body waste products parasites. Sometimes symptoms of trichocephalosis resemble the symptoms of peptic ulcers, colitis, appendicitis. Often constipation or diarrhea, which can replace each other.
To treat trichocephalosis much more difficult than ascariasis. As a rule, the treatment is long and not always very successful. Most likely, this is due to the fact that the head end of the parasite is hidden in the lining of the intestine and inaccessible for exposure to drugs. But that should not stop patients treated trichocephalosis necessary.
Due to the fact that the ways of infection by vlasoglavy are the same as with ascariasis, prevention of trichocephalosis similar to the prevention of ascariasis.
Recall its basic rules.
Wash hands before eating, before preparing food and after using the restroom.
Do not drink the water of questionable cleanliness.
Vegetables, herbs, berries and fruits before eating been thoroughly cleaned and, if possible, pour over boiling water.
Contain living quarters clean.
Food products to protect against contamination from insects and rodents, which are mostly mechanical carriers of Mature eggs of worms.
Observe cleanliness in the yards. In areas not served by sewage, to prevent soil contamination by faeces. For fertilizers, vegetable gardens and orchards to use them after neutralization, composting or after a long (over two years) keeping in closed pit.
In addition, the duty of adults is to see that the children performed the rules of hygiene, did not take into his mouth and fingers, as well as contaminated toys that after the game on the ground thoroughly washed his hands.
With the purpose of timely detection of trichocephalosis be periodically examined for helminths in medical institutions.