Trichosperma (synonym: Piedra, a knotted trichosperma) is a fungal disease of the hair, the skin is not affected. Refers to a group of keratomycosis.
Trichosperma in the USSR is rare (in the republics of Central Asia). Infection occurs when using a comb or headdress of the patient.
On the hair of the head, beard and mustache fungi form a solid (as a rock) small nodules, which are only visible under a magnifying glass and is determined at the touch of color from yellow to black. In the absence of treatment, the disease continues indefinitely.
Treatment of trichosporon: shave and wash the skin with hot water and soap or daily wash hair with a hot solution of chloride monomer production of mercury (mercuric chloride) 1 : 1000 and 1 : 2000.
Cm. Fungal diseases of the skin.