Lockjaw (note jaw) is the tonic spasm chewing muscles, caused by irritation of the trigeminal nerve, resulting in the movement of the lower jaw is limited or completely absent.
Trism is an early sign of tetanus and rabies, often observed in cerebrospinal meningitis, sometimes with trigeminal neuralgia, and also at various neurotic conditions (for example, hysteria). The most common cause of trism - inflammatory diseases of the jaws and periodontal tissues, especially pericolosit (see the Teeth), temporomandibular joint, fractures of the lower jaw, sometimes complications of anesthesia and surgical interventions.
Chewing and temporal muscle sharply strained, firm to the touch.
Long trism patient leads to depletion due to the inability of proper nutrition.
Treatment. When lockjaw, which is a symptom of various diseases, it is necessary to treat the underlying disease; when lockjaw neurotic origins apply sedative drugs (bromides, Valerian and others). When lockjaw, caused by inflammatory focus, apply sulfa drugs, antibiotics, physiotherapy and other, and also eliminate the source of infection (for example, cause tooth) or injury (splinting jaw), etc.
The Outlook is favorable, with the exception of those cases when lockjaw is a consequence of tetanus or rabies. At long lockjaw, and suspected the above infectious disease or injury, you must refer the patient to an appropriate hospital.