Trophic is a collection of processes of cellular nutrition, providing the vital activity of cells, tissues and organs. Trophic represents the unity of the processes of assimilation and inhibition of synthesis and decomposition.
There are the following trophic status. Atrofia proper nutrition, which is not observed deviations in the structure, function and tissue growth. Hypertrophy (see) - high power, which leads to the increase of the size of organs and tissues either by increasing the size of the cells (actually hypertrophy), or increase their number (hyperplasia). Malnutrition - low power, resulting in a marked decrease in the size (malnutrition) or number (hypoplasia) cells, or both. Atrophy (see) is the total absence of power supply, leading to the disappearance of the cells of this group. Dystrophy (see Degeneration of cells and tissues) is a poor diet that causes abnormal changes in the structure of tissues.
In the regulation of trophic important role belongs to the specific trophic nerves and glands of internal secretion.