Trochanteritis - inflammation of bone substance greater trochanter of the femur (often tuberculosis origin). Nonspecific trochanteric is rare.
Symptoms: pain in the greater trochanter, aggravated by moving the hips, puffiness and swelling of the outer surface of the upper third of the thigh. TB trochanteric may be accompanied by education abscess - matecznik (see). Radiographically in tuberculous trochanteric is defined foci of destruction in the greater trochanter, when nonspecific trochanteric - curtailment (see Sequestration, sequestration) and severe reaction from the side of periosteum. The differential diagnosis spend with MaxicoM (see), tumors, bursitis (see) in the area of the greater trochanter.
Treatment of tuberculous trochanteric carried out according to the General principles of treatment of osteo-articular tuberculosis (see); when matecznego - puncture, remove the pus. Good result gives excision greater trochanter together with tuberculous lesion. When nonspecific trochanteric - antibiotics, restorative treatment, immobilization of the leg.