Trommer sample

Trommer test is a qualitative assay for detection of glucose in urine. In the tube with the urine (layer height of 20-25 mm) add 10 drops of 10% NaOH solution and a drop of 2.5% solution CuSO4, while the drop-down blue sediment si(OH)2 when the shaking stops to dissolve. Bending the tube, heat the upper part before boiling. In the presence of glucose in the heated part of the solution cu(OH)2 is restored, hydrate forming oxide and copper oxide yellow-orange color. At the excess CuSO4 falls black residue of copper oxide that prevent the opening of glucose.
Sample Trommer not specific, it give aldehydes, such as formalin, and boiling - even normal uric acid urine.
Cm. also Urine (research).