Occupational hygiene when working with radioactive substances

When working in the radiology departments staff can deal with closed and open sources of ionizing radiation. Closed called the sources of ionizing radiation in which radioactive material is enclosed in a shell, excluding contact with him and hit him in the environment (telehomecare and others). Sealed radioactive sources are dangerous only in relation to external exposure.
Open source is radioactive substance in such environment or physical condition that may hit him in the environment. When working with open radioactive substances is possible harmful effects on working penetrating radiation and radioactive substances inside the body.
Patients undergoing treatment by application, interstitial, intracavitary injection of radioactive substances must be in radiology wards. Of Commerce in such offices shall have a floor area of not less than 10 m2 for each patient and not more than 1-2 beds.
In radiology departments, in addition to the usual premises shall be provided for in special areas: procedural, room management, handling, storage of radioactive substances, radiometric laboratory, operating room and other
The decoration, lighting, ventilation, Sewerage, heating of premises where the works with closed radioactive sources that are generally accepted for hospitals requirements.
For furnish of premises where the works with open radioactive sources, presented a number of additional requirements. Walls and ceilings are covered maloderbetovsky and easily washable materials, flooring - malaxorului plastic. The edges of floor coverings rises to a height of 20 cm and close up flush with the walls. The corners of rooms for easy cleaning and decontamination should be rounded. The Windows shall be beveled window sills, door leaves should be smooth.
The laboratory is working with open radioactive substances must have a water supply, Sewerage, ventilation. If effluents are radioactivity exceeding the limits, it is necessary to provide special sewage system with sewage treatment facilities. The air removed from cabinets, boxes, cameras, before release to the atmosphere to clean the filters.