Object and tasks of occupational health

Health - section of hygiene, studying the influence of various factors of the working environment and working conditions of health workers, developing hygienic measures for elimination of different occupational hazards, health workers, increasing efficiency and productivity.
We should distinguish between two different things - work and labour. Below is understood as different muscle activity: running, swimming, and so on, and labor in the words of K. Marx, "is the expenditure of human labour in particular appropriate form, and as such, specific useful work he creates value in use" *.
It is known that the work is very beneficial as a biological factor. Enforced idleness (for example, unemployment in the capitalist countries, the passivity of the patient) acts on the person depressing.
When assessing the labour process should take into consideration the purpose of labour. F. Engels wrote that "labour in a sense made man". In the words Century I. Lenin, labour is "the need healthy body" **.
In conditions of capitalist society backbreaking physical labor performed in difficult conditions, it becomes a burden for man. K. Marx in "Capital", wrote: "In a society where there is exploitation, harmful influence of labour is inevitable". Otherwise occurs in socialist countries, where for the first time instead of forced labour in exploiters opened the opportunity to work for a just society, for themselves. It changed the Outlook on work, turning it into the honorable duty of man.
In the USSR provides for a number of measures aimed at further improvement of the hygienic conditions of work: together with the reduction of working hours increases and the duration of holidays when working in harmful conditions; at the enterprises provided with sanitary and hygienic conditions, eliminating occupational diseases and occupational injuries (automation and mechanization of production processes, production methods of production and others). Planned in the near future to eliminate the night shifts at those enterprises where it allows the technological process. These activities will contribute to the improvement of working conditions, will reduce the time spent working in production conditions and thus will increase the efficiency and improve the health status of workers.

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