Ability to work in forensic against

In a number of civil and criminal cases (in connection with the bodily injuries, claims for compensation of damages for injury to the production, transport trauma and others) appointed a forensic examination to establish the degree of disablement. In criminal cases under Art. Art. 108, 109, 112 of the Criminal code of the RSFSR and the relevant articles of the Criminal codes of the Union republics are determined by the size of the loss of General ability to work. So, expertise relates to serious bodily injury, which has come a disability not less than 33%; less serious bodily injury that resulted in a loss of working ability in size from 15 to 33%; to easy damage, bodily injury when disability to 15%.
In civil cases, claims for compensation of damage is determined and professional work capacity. Forensic medical examination to determine the size of the loss of General and professional ability to work is done by a Commission with the participation of experts and specialists. The degree of disability is determined on the basis of official instructions management of the state insurance company "On the procedure of the medical examination of the insured" and the decree of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR of October 2, 1961 "About the order of consideration of disputes about compensation of enterprises, institutions, organizations of the damage caused by workers and mutilation or other damage of health connected with their work".