Tubage - sparing method of cleansing the liver and gall bladder

Article about the process of purification of a liver and a bilious bubble in home - tubage.

Liver in humans is not called "the laboratory of health". Everything in our body absorbs this important body. Failure established in the liver results in many health problems: obesity, hypertension, formation of stones. On the body there are lots of moles, warts, increased skin pigmentation. Besides the obvious signs of violation of the liver leads to the General depressed state of man, anxiety and, in severe cases, depression. Bring order to this important part of the body is simply a must if you are taking medications.
There are many methods of cleansing the liver, developed by experts. To conduct them at home, but to consult before this with your doctor must!
One common way is tubage (purification) is carried out using olive oil, citrus juices, and fresh vegetables (beets, cabbage, carrot).
To begin this method of cleansing the liver is necessary preparatory training. During 1,5-2 months, 1 time a day for two hours on the area of the right hypochondrium put the heating pad. This procedure has a calming and soothing effect on the liver and gall bladder. Together with the heater is mezoterapiya. On the day of approximately 100-150 grams of honey, to dissolve in hot water to dissolve, to take 4 times a day before meals. If the acidity of gastric juice normal, solution drink for 1 hour before delivery, if the increased for 1.5 hours, at low pH in 20 minutes, when the zero - 5-10 minutes before eating. During the preparatory period it is necessary to reduce in the diet, the number of white bread, biscuits, potatoes, preferably no sugar.
Tubage better conducts during Breakfast, in this period the gallbladder is already configured to dump. Juices are freshly prepared, without sugar. The number of selected juice and proportions dilution with water again depends on the acidity of your stomach acid. Orange juice you can drink all, without diluting. Lemon juice, with a small increase in acidity, dissolve 2:1, with a considerable increase of 1:1. People with low and zero acidity may not be diluted lemon juice. Grapefruit juice should be diluted only at high pH (4:1).
The amount of juice at zero and low acidity will be 300 to 350 ml (taking into account the added water), during normal - 150-200 ml, with high - 100 ml
The amount of olive oil calculated by the formula: V (oil volume) = 300 + 4 x (M (your weight in kg) - 75). If you weigh more than 100 kg, the amount of oil still should not exceed 400 ml
For the procedure of tubage highly recommended presence of another person who will help you to: submit all necessary services for your health, etc.
Tubage should start with heating of the liver: the heater should be mounted at a liver area in front and behind. Take this procedure 40-60 minutes. Prepare in advance a place where you will have after heating to lie still for about 2 hours. Next there must be a capacity for juice, calibrated to 15 ml, and watch or apparatus for measuring the heart rate. The heart rate may increase to 20-30 shock - it is okay, if they start to grow more interrupt the procedure.
People with low acidity gastric juice in 20-25 minutes before the end of the heating need to drink about 100 ml of lemon juice in small SIPS (in the first admission). At zero acidity 15 minutes before the end of drinks 100-150 ml. With normal or increased acidity in the first reception juice drink.
10 minutes before the end of the heating of the liver necessary to heat the olive oil up to 40-60 degrees. To drink it is necessary, but not necessarily in one gulp. You can drink small SIPS, squeezed citrus juice (2 admission). In low and zero acidity drink from 25 to 50 ml of juice, with normal or elevated - juice drink to suppress the emerging nausea, no more than 20 ml
Then change your water heaters, go if you need the toilet. Then lie down on his right side, bend your legs at the knees and tighten to the stomach. After 15 minutes, drink 15 ml of juice (3 admission), even after 15 minutes - 4th reception, 15 ml For those who have a high acidity, 5th reception juice after another 15 minutes will be the last. After that within an hour they just lie with the heater. All other drink juice twice with the same interval. In the last 7 welcome drink the rest of the juice. After the last dose you need to lie down for another half hour.
In this period of gallbladder actively thrown hepatic bile and liver concrements. To help the liver and gall bladder to be free for every 15 minutes 2-3 times do for a few deep breaths, drawing and bulging belly. The basic period of the cleaning is finished.
To help the bowel to delete everything that was thrown at him, make a salad-broom". It consists of fresh vegetables: cabbage, carrot and beet (3:1:1). Shred the cabbage, and other vegetables to grate on a coarse grater, mix everything carefully and stretch your arms. Salt and oil are added. For taste, add a little lemon juice. To eat the salad is recommended after 20 minutes after the end of the tubage.
An hour and a half you can drink a solution of magnesium (100 ml of water to 25 grams. magnesium). This solution has a strong laxative effect.
On this day, try not to overload the stomach food, eat more foods that contain fiber. If laxative effect would be too strong, dine boiled rice without salt.