Hematogenous-disseminirovannaya tuberculosis

This form of TB is characterized by the formation of small lesions in his lungs. When fresh processes they are more or less evenly distributed on both light. Fusion centers and perifocal reaction followed caseous necrosis leading to the formation of cavities. When fresh disseminated processes caverns thin.
Incomplete recovery is observed progression of the process, often occurring in waves for relapses followed by periods of remission.

hematogenous disseminated tuberculosis
Fig. 1. Hematogenous disseminated tuberculosis.

Chronic disseminated forms of tuberculosis similar small foci are connected fibrous strands (Fig. 1). Most often fibrosnaya forms of tuberculosis are localized in the upper lobes of the lungs. Here are usually located and caverns. In the lower lobes of the lungs more likely to develop malosetti pneumosclerosis.
When hematogenous disseminated form of TB observed recurrent dry and exudative pleurisy, and there extrapulmonary tuberculosis centers: a bone, kidney, throat; tuberculosis of the intestine.
Diagnosis is based on the data of x-rays of the lungs and detection of Mycobacterium tuberculosis. It is very difficult to differentiate hematogenous disseminated tuberculosis with sarcoidosis (see). Different sarcoidosis from tuberculosis of the lungs lack of bacilli in the sputum and negative tuberculin skin breakdown, and also by enlargement of the lymph nodes in the mediastinum, rarely to the extent expressed in haematogenic-disseminated tuberculosis.