Tuberculoma light

Fig. 6. Tuberculoma.

Tuberculoma light - clearly defined rounded hearth with caseous plots in the centre of diameter 2 - 5 cm, separated from the surrounding lung tissue connective tissue capsule. On radiographs in Central tuberculoma sometimes seen enlightenment characteristic sickle shape located eccentric. Such enlightenment should not be interpreted as cavities, as they are not typical of the last internal granulation layer and rarely give bronchogenic screenings (Fig. 6). When tuberculoma rarely find bacilli in the sputum. Tuberculin skin test is often pronounced that distinguishes tuberculoma from the tumor. Tuberculoma, especially the smaller sizes are relatively stable entities.
Under the influence of prolonged antibiotic therapy for some patients, a decrease of sizes tuberculoma or splitting it into isolated pockets. With increasing tuberculoma surgical treatment. Aggravation when tuberculoma observed more often than in case of fibrous and focal residual changes. Such patients should permanently be under the supervision of clinic and be subject to regular monitoring; and if required, repeat treatment.