Cirrhotic tuberculosis

This disease refer to the forms of active tuberculosis with pronounced fibrotic changes in the lungs. Often cirrhosis (see) is observed after the proportional processes (finished, caseous pneumonia), after purulent and serous pleuritis (the so-called plevralny cirrhosis), and after such surgical interventions, as thoracoplasty, extrapleural pnevmonit.

cirrhosis of the lungs
Fig. 9. Cirrhosis of the right lung.

In cirrhotic lung tissue is often develop bronchiectasis and is usually associated pulmonary-cardiac insufficiency of the different degree, offset heart, big vessels and trachea (Fig. 9). Tubercle bacilli are not allocated or detected periodically, often in crops of allocations from the bronchi.
In the presence of cavities and the allocation of Mycobacterium process should be attributed to the widespread fibro-cavernosum TB.
Cirrhotic patients with tuberculosis suffer from shortness of breath, they noted cough, and sometimes coughing up blood. Tuberculous intoxication are not expressed; often there are complications nonspecific pneumonia requiring treatment preparations with wide spectrum of activity (penicillin, sulfa drugs , and so on). Also shown is symptomatic aid cough regulating cardiac activity; pneumonic complications are also recommended oxygen therapy.