Surgical treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis

Surgical treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis has an important place in the complex therapy. It includes methods of colapsoterapiei, which guarantees the losing diseased lungs, thus creating conditions for mitigation and reverse the development of a tuberculous process, and methods of radical surgical impacts.
Use the following methods of colapsoterapiei: artificial pneumothorax (see) with corrective thoracostomy (see), pneumoperitoneum (see), extrapleural pnevmonit (see), extrapleural thoracoplasty (see). Currently, due to the success of chemotherapy, pneumothorax is imposed in individual cases for strictly personal reasons.
From radical interventions apply: complete or partial removal of the lung is a lobectomy (see) and pneumonectomy (see), cavernicoli - opening and draining caverns, the liquidation of bronchial fistulas, decortication light and a pleurectomy. Wide dissemination of lung tuberculosis received resection of the lung.
Surgery can be used for all clinical forms of lung tuberculosis with common or limited damage to the lung tissue. The presence of a cavity or cavernous hearth (tuberculoma) in the lungs after antibiotic therapy is an indication for surgical intervention.
Surgical treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis is performed on the background of the hygienic and nutritional regime with mandatory use of before and after surgery tonic and specific antibiotic therapy. Surgery for lung tuberculosis produce mainly under intratracheal anesthesia with controlled breathing, in some cases (thoracoscopic, pneumonia) using local anesthesia.
Of great importance in the postoperative management of patients, especially after resection of the lung, has special training nurses. The operated patient is placed on a pre-warmed bed, first give a horizontal, and after 4-5 hours poluciaetsea position, slowly raising her head end of the bed. Drainage tube with the tee attach to the Bank connected to the vacuum system. Through a nasal catheter are inhalation humidified oxygen. Encouraging patients to the expectoration of sputum every 1,5 - 2 hours. To reduce the pain it should hold the area of the wounds of the chest wall with his hand.
According to the testimony blood transfusions and poliglyukinadministered painkillers, cardiovascular drugs and antibiotics, conduct breathing exercises.
Prevention - see Tuberculosis.