Statistical data on the incidence of athletes from tuberculosis of the lungs, in fact, not. There are General guidelines that tuberculosis in athletes due to the high functionality of the system of external breathing runs favorably, complications is significantly less functional recovery and return to work and sport training occur much faster than that of persons not involved in sports. In the country's sports and medical literature contains descriptions of individual cases of athletes with pulmonary tuberculosis. In particular, according to the medical unit GDOIFK them. P. F. Lesgaft in 1965 in medical examination 840 students were detected 4 pulmonary TB patients (2 - focal tuberculosis and 2 - exudative pleurisy tubercular etiology)and, in 1982, when fluorographic examination 1500 students-1 patient (focal TB). This indicates lack of communication between tuberculosis and sports.
Analysis of 14 cases of pulmonary tuberculosis in athletes registered in 10 medical exercises dispensaries various cities of the country, showed that in 12 cases out of 14, was diagnosed at regular checkups, without being sick any complaints. Only in 2 cases the athletes complained of weakness, fatigue, poor sleep.
Presents data is so small and isolated, which is not eligible for any General conclusions. However, there is no doubt that the reason the links between sport and the emergence of tuberculosis and that no sports, improving the health and functional capacity of the organism athlete, contribute to the prevention of tuberculosis. Thanks to good compensatory capabilities and advanced features respiratory tuberculosis in athletes, if they do arise, runs favorably.
Because athletes are well and fully compensated defects of separate organs and systems, should be given special importance to the regular preventive examinations, and especially fluorography, since this method (if we remember dissimulate in athletes) is the main manner, in order to identify and treat tuberculosis - a disease which, although rare, but can occur in athletes.