Tuberculosis of the urethra

Tuberculosis urethra occurs mostly in men, and affects mainly the rear sections of the urethra, where the process goes from the prostate, seminal vesicles, or from the bladder. Possible and hematogenous route of infection from another hearth. Initial infection of the urethra tuberculosis during sexual intercourse, after the ritual of circumcision, introduction into the urethra instruments occurs as an exception.
The clinical picture of TB rear of the urethra identical to the picture of tuberculosis bladder and because the transition process on the back of the urethra does characteristic not shown, with the exception of increased pre-existing dysuric phenomena. Tuberculosis front of the urethra, in addition to pain during urination, accompanied mucous or mucopurulent, sometimes bloody discharge from the urethra, which can detect M. tuberculosis. Palpation of the urethra are sometimes found painful infiltrates in its wall.
Treatment. After removal of the affected tuberculosis kidney or remission of tuberculosis in the bubble tuberculosis urethra often cured spontaneously. Treatment of TB strictures by bagirovym requires great care. The rapid introduction of Buga extremely painful, causing bleeding and threatens generalization of tuberculosis. As palliative measures resort to urine diversion by imposing suprapubic mahaputera fistula, continuing at the same time, specific anti-TB therapy.