Care for TB patients

Febrile patients with symptoms of severe intoxication prescribe bed rest, as moving to improve the regime of relative peace, which allowed to move in the room, and then go privolniy yard. When they reached the normalization of temperature, appetite and sleep recommended training regimen that includes a longer walk, run hygienic , therapeutic exercises. In good condition is adaptation to labour - vocational rehabilitation (see). At all stages of treatment follow proper nutrition of patients. Tuberculosis larynx appoint diluted mashed food. When osteo-articular tuberculosis patient in need of care is similar to the care of trauma patients. TB hospitals spend most educational work with patients on behavior in everyday life. The feeling of inferiority, "rejected", sometimes observed in infected people TB requires a special approach, tact, maintain confidence in the recovery and the possibility of returning to the production team. Nurses need to learn the technique of performing tuberculin reactions (see Tuberculosis tuberculin), TB vaccination and revaccination (see Immunization), to be able to prepare pneumatyczny the device (see artificial Pneumothorax). Correct sampling and storage of the material for laboratory research (sputum, gastric content, urine, feces) provides accurate bacteriological diagnosis of tuberculosis.