Alcoholism in women

Alcoholism in women is subject to the same basic regularities that in men. Earlier was considered, that alcoholism is formed in women from socially disadvantaged families, women, professionally connected with the production and trade in alcohol; women whose husbands suffer from alcoholism. Are sick with alcoholism women, members of migrant populations. According to foreign studies, alcoholism is common among women who are homemakers. Researchers have long noticed that women, cases of alcoholism, revealed a high percentage of mental disturbances to the development of the disease. Often the beginning of systematic alcoholism in women coincides with any mental trauma, prolonged conflict situation.
Currently the situation has changed. Among drinkers often women from wealthy families, without hereditary family history, without any premorbid (i.e. preceding alcoholism) mental pathology.
Usually women rarely come to the attention of doctors-narcologists in the initial stages of the disease. Preceded by a long alcoholism. Because drinking women are condemned by society, they prefer to drink alcohol in a handful of companies hide their drinking, seek to deny drinking in front of others. Often in the early stages alcohol is consumed alone.
In General, most of the researchers note in women accelerated development of alcoholism (Shuya, 1983), emphasize its greater severity (Timofeyeva and others, 1973).
Clinical symptoms of alcoholism in women also has its peculiarities. According to C. B. Alt-a hustler (1987), women are often defined in a variety of cyclicity in the course of the disease. A high percentage of periodic forms of alcohol abuse (pseudonapaea, true binges), with the periodicity determined uzho in the early stages of the disease. Often the disease in women debuts periodic incidents. In the majority of patients already in the beginning of the second stage of alcoholism clearly defined periodicity. Pathological attraction to alcohol in women usually impulsive and exacerbated paroxysmal. All manifestations of alcoholism in women is usually accompanied with emotional disorders, although in premorbid period mood swings are only 5-6% of patients. When a small ago alcoholism prevail distonicescie violations in erased depression.
Mental changes, as a rule, be reduced to creating hysterical features, psychopathic changes and sharpening of premorbid personality traits.
When alcoholism in women quickly come personality changes. Drinking clearly manifested by the reduction of moral-ethical level, often quoted as alcoholic degradation. At the same time, according to M. Century of Steinfeld and others (1976), most of the manifestations of degradation usually disappears in remission.
Somatic complications in women, alcoholism, more often than men, and proceed heavier. In the clinic are marked reduced generative function, a high percentage of anomalies of pregnancy and fetal development. Often infertility, early menopause and premature aging.
Note, however, that the obtained data are mainly of women, who came to the attention of narcologists, i.e. from in-patient protivosudorojnam treatment. It is also known that women who suffer from alcoholism, often shy away from seeking treatment. All these circumstances suggest that alcoholism in women less progredient than was considered before.