Killer or a Saviour?

James Phipps was the son of a gardener in Berklee. He was eight years old, and he never refused invitations at the doctor's house. The doctor in the office kept the most interesting things: the stones of different colors and shapes, stuffed birds, exotic butterflies and dragonflies. James knew many stories about how were these items to the doctor. But most of all he liked the story about the collection of the famous captain cook. This collection captain brought in from around the world trip, and Dr. Jenner put it in order. He did it so well that captain cook had invited him on a new journey. But the doctor refused. Sorry. If invited James, he certainly would go...
But today the doctor told James that he would tell his most interesting history only after a little scratched his arm. It will not hurt, and no need to be afraid.
Today in the house gathered a lot of people, and everybody was looking at him - at James. The doctor took his hand and several times she pricked her above the elbow. And then he said that on three days James will remain here.
Eight-year-old son of a gardener could not know what it meant for Jenner this day. After the memorable conversation with Gardner six years later, and Jenner still decided not to publish something so much thought these years. Again and again he studied the peculiarities of animal diseases, traveled to places where there were outbreaks of smallpox, compared, tested and finally decided. He chose Phipps and the milkmaid Sarah Nelmes, which recently got sick cow pox.
In the presence of invited doctors he made two small incision on the boy's hand and introduced the smallpox material taken from the hands of Sarah Nelmes.
It was the first vaccine safety. Jenner made it may 14, 1796.
Soon James on the hand appeared two opinci. They are ripe, then brown fell away and left traces of pink.
Protected if the boy from Contracting smallpox? Dangerous is this disease? How to check? Wait until Berklee appears epidemic, or...
And Jenner decided. After a few weeks, 1 July, the son of a gardener again attracted interest and concern in the doctor's house. Now James artificially caused the threat of smallpox.
You can imagine how excited I was watching Jenner for the child all the days on which decided the fate of its opening. Killer he or Savior?
Doubts and fears were unfounded. Phipps not ill neither then nor later, a few months after secondary infection, nor after five years. He was saved by the power of the safety of smallpox vaccination Jenner.