The educational work in children's sanatorium

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Specific feature that defines all of the work the children's sanatorium, is that the treatment of sick children is conducted in close connection with systematic educational process. Only on the basis of a well-staged pedagogical work, rationally combined with treatment-and-prophylactic work in the sanatorium possible successful rehabilitation of sick children.
Children's sanatorium on the modern stage is a medical-educational institution that performs recovery treatment, schooling, physical, moral and aesthetic education of children suffering from various diseases. Pedagogical work in the children's sanatorium is truly curative factor. Therefore no coincidence that in children's sanatorium has the term "curative pedagogy". Under curative pedagogics such special methods and the system in General, which, favorably influencing the psyche of the child, always and everywhere would contribute treatment, rehabilitation, tempering, further rehabilitation.
The essence of curative pedagogics is that in the selection of methods of treatment and rehabilitation of sick child thought of the doctor and the teacher should be directed first and foremost on the use of natural therapeutic factors, physiological protective properties and mechanisms of the human body and the powerful healing effects on his psyche General calm state and joyous mood [Kogan, A., 1977].
The success of the treatment and recovery of a sick child is largely dependent on careful attention to it, from his cheerful attitude. Joyful mood - mighty healing factor. Therefore, the task of each of the sanatorium to organize treatment of joy. "Without joy impossible harmony healthy body and healthy spirit," said C. A. Sukhomlinsky.
The educational process in children's sanatoria, being an integral part of the treatment process, has a significant specific features, due primarily to the fact that this work is carried out with sick children suffering from various ailments, in unusual conditions.
From the leaders of the children's sanatoriums and medical-pedagogical teams require exceptional coherence and clarity in the organization and carrying out of medical-preventive and educational work. This work should be organized taking into account the nature of the underlying disease of the child and the special status of the Central nervous system. It is known that children along with pathologies caused by various chronic diseases; there are frequent violations of the basic functions of the nervous system, irritability, emotional excitement, fatigue, decreased performance, etc. In this connection, the teaching staff, in order to correctly organize the educational process, should know how the nature of the underlying disease of children and their individual psychophysical peculiarities. In the development of this knowledge help doctors.
Pedagogical work in the health resort is set against a health-protective mode, certainly linked with the medical task, with extensive input from medical staff. The peculiarity of school children in the sanatorium consists in the fact that teachers are dealing with sick children, often lagging behind in learning from their peers.
Due to the specifics of the pedagogical work in the sanatorium here may not work for every teacher, even successfully working in an ordinary school or preschool. Therefore, the selection and training of teachers for work in the sanatorium must be given special attention.
Approved by the Ministry of health of the USSR staffing ratios of teachers in children's sanatoria allow to fully provide a setting pedagogical work taking into account modern requirements. At presence in sanatorium approved school health authorities establish also the staff of the teachers respectively curriculum and the number of classes.