Leading Russian scientists in the field of gynecology

In the development of Russian medicine and, in particular, in the development of our obstetrics and gynecology important role played nice galaxy of Russian obstetricians and gynecologists. Unable to describe the history of this question, we nevertheless consider it necessary to introduce at least some of our scientists, who played a particularly prominent role in the development of obstetrics and gynecology.
The father of Russian obstetrics rightly called the prominent Russian doctor of the XVIII century Nestor Maksimovich Primakov - Ambodik 1 (1748-1812). He was one of the most learned doctors of his time, significantly changed and improved the teaching of obstetrics, typing is not practiced before him demonstrations on the phantom. He also belongs to the first introduction in practice of midwifery forceps.
Ambodik wrote detailed (5 parts) manual of obstetrics: "the Art of povivaye, or the science of babycham fact" (1784).
One of the founders of surgical direction in our domestic gynecology justly considered to be a disciple of N. I. Pirogov Professor of surgery of Kazan state University A. A. Keter. In 1846 he made unheard of until the times of operation - removal through the vagina cancer of the uterus. The operation ended with the recovery of the patient.
An even more prominent role in the development of obstetric and gynecological science was played by A. Ya. Krasovskii (1821-1898), whose works mainly concerning the issues of operative gynecology and obstetrics, made his major scientific name. He was the first in Russia in 1862, has made the operation of the abdominal laparotomy and removal of ovarian cysts with a favorable outcome. Written them "Operative obstetrics" is a classic guide, not lost the value and till present time. His disciples Professor C. M. Florinskaya and K. F. Slavic successfully continued development of scientifically-practical issues of obstetrics and gynecology.
Especially prominent was K. F. Slavic, who made a valuable contribution to science through studies of pathological anatomy and histology of the female genital organs.
His disciples were our largest gynecologists A. I. Lebedev, N. N. Phenomena, D. O. Ott, I. N. Grammaticali, P. T. Sadowski.
A. I. Lebedev - talented Clinician who contributed much to the development of physiotherapeutic methods of treatment in gynecology, in particular mud.
N. N. Phenomena (1855-1918) was one of the most prominent of obstetricians and gynecologists of his time. His operative obstetrics still is a reference book for midwives. His disciple D. D. Popov was a brilliant surgeon, particularly successfully developing operational methods in gynecology. They were offered the original operation education artificial vagina from the rectum.
I. N. Grammaticali largely contributed to the development of conservative methods of treatment in gynecology. In particular, it was proposed to apply to the present method of introduction of medicinal substances into the uterine cavity with some diseases.
A special role in the development of gynecology played D. O. Ott (1855-1929), has created an original school of operative gynecology. He created obstetric Institute (Leningrad) is still one of the leading institutions in our country. D. O. Ott was, moreover, a talented inventor and has introduced a number invented instruments according to the operative technique, and a number of diagnostic methods in gynecology.
Especially good for them was developed technique vaginal operations. For such operations they were presented with a special vaginal mirror with lighting. His monograph "Operative gynecology", perfectly illustrated with original drawings, still has not lost its value.
One of the founders of the Russian obstetric school is considered a famous Professor of Moscow University, C. F. Snegirev (1847-1916). He brought the teaching of gynaecology of therapeutic clinics and created the first gynaecological Institute for advanced training of physicians, which he discovered in 1896, the head of which was until his death.
C. F. Snegirev was an outstanding Clinician, versatile educated scholar, a talented teacher and a brilliant surgeon. His classic work "Uterine bleeding is unique.
A major contribution to national gynecology during the Soviet period have made outstanding professors A. P. Gubarev, V. S. Gruzdev in. A. Stroganov, efficiency UNESCO-Stroganov, A. N. Rakhmanov, L. L. Of Okincic, K. K. Skrobanski.
A. P. Gubarev, Professor of Moscow University,is one of the leading gynecologists, surgeons, who played a major role in the development of surgical treatment of female diseases. His work on "Operative gynecology and fundamentals of abdominal surgery" is a reference book for gynaecologists.
B. S. Gruzdev, Professor of the Kazan University, was a prominent gynecologist and one of the pioneers of radiological methods of treatment of malignant tumors of female genitals.
Centuries Stroganov made a valuable contribution to science for his works on the development of conservative methods of treatment of eclampsia. Proposed scheme of treatment of this severe disease in pregnant women has almost replaced the surgical treatment methods (caesarean section), which earlier was widely used in eclampsia, causing serious injury helped a woman.
Efficiency UNESCO-Stroganov known for his work on pathological anatomy and pathological histology in the field of gynecology.
In the study and formulation of arrangements for the delivery and the health of mother and child prominent role belongs to Professor A. N. Rahmanova and Professor K. K. Skrobanska. Prof. K. K. Skrobanski left us a series of major works on different issues of obstetrics and gynecology.
In the development of national gynecology not to mention the huge role played by Professor L. L. Okinchitsy. Being a brilliant surgeon-gynecologist, he at the same time was a pioneer in the development of issues on the activity of the endocrine glands. Written guide "Operative gynecology" Atlas of drawings gynecological operations still is a reference book for gynecologists and surgeons.
This list of names is not an exhaustive list of the largest Russian obstetrician-gynecologists who have shown a lot of initiative and who put a lot of work for development of national science.

1. Increase Ambodik (in Latin ambo dis-tell me twice) was annexed by Primakov to his surname as showing that the word Maksimovich should be repeated.