Complications of dental extractions

Sometimes there may come a faint or collapse (see), shock (see). With fainting patients should be horizontal position or torso forward and down, the release of tightening of the service, to give to sniff a pad with liquid ammonia is injected under the skin solution of caffeine. Extractions can complicate the broken crown or root, dislocation of the adjacent teeth, sometimes broke off site alveolar bone of the jaw, the gap gums, violation of the integrity of the bottom of the maxillary sinus (sometimes pushing in her tooth root), the dislocation of the lower jaw. To prevent these complications, it is necessary to observe the rules of technique of tooth extraction. In the case of dislocation of the adjacent teeth, you must apply a bus (see Bus, splinting, dentistry). The dislocation of the lower jaw - see Jaw.
The perforation of the bottom of the maxillary sinus happens most often when you remove the second of the first premolar and molar teeth - should immediately close the entrance to the hole iodoform swab, which is fixed with a ligature bandage to the adjacent teeth. The swab was removed after 7-8 days when the upper sections of the hole will be filled organized a blood clot. If the perforation in the bosom hit the root of the tooth, it is necessary that day or not later than in 2-3 days to carry out the operation of hamartoma and extract the root.
Bleeding from socket after tooth usually stops after a few minutes, the hole is filled blood clot. However, sometimes the bleeding does not stop, or comes back after a few hours or days. Causes of bleeding: the violation in the coagulation of blood, rough, traumatic removal of teeth with extensive damage to bone and soft tissues, inflammatory processes. If bleeding after tooth, depending on local causes, conduct an audit of the wound and tamponade of the wells. Well tightly completely fill with a strip of iodoform Marley, starting from the bottom of her and to the brim. If bleeding soft tissue of the gums, it is expedient to impose kedgotoline seams, bringing together so the gingival margin. A swab from the wells will be removed after 6-7 days.
Pain after tooth extraction (alveolar pain) are observed by rough surgery or accession of the inflammatory process. Pain is usually sharp, smack in the head; increased body temperature; occurs purulent fusion of a blood clot (well not filled with clot), the wall of the hole covered with gray bloom, the publisher of the putrid smell.
Treatment: under anesthesia well washed from the syringe with a solution of peroxide of hydrogen, with a warm solution furatsilina or etakrydina (of rivanoland gifs filled strip iodoform Marley. The patient analgin, sulfa drugs, rinse mouth with a warm solution of potassium permanganate, dry heat.