Udivlenie loop

When davlenii loop delay is made by hand or by any mechanism. Material for loop, as in the hanging, used different: soft, semi-rigid and rigid, what determines the character strangulation furrows.
The development of pathophysiological process occurs mainly on the same principle as for the hanging, and morphological picture of the internal organs in davlenii loop does not have any specific features.
For udivlenie loop unlike hangings most characteristic evenly deep, horizontally located strangulation furrow. It may be intermittent, if the loop was open type or under it were any objects, such as clothing. Strangulation furrow when davlenii loop more often located at the level of the thyroid cartilage or below it. Marked pronounced cyanosis of the skin, which is bottled bluish-purple Cadaveric spots, involuntary selection of feces, urine and semen.
Internal research can be broken hyoid bone, thyroid cartilage and bleeding in the soft tissue respectively to fractures.
Udivlenie loop is most often the result of compression of the neck loop hands of a stranger. On the face, the neck and other parts of the body various possible damage that might arise in the process of struggle and self-defense. Damage may not be, if the loop around his neck suddenly or the being is unconscious, or in a condition of strong alcoholic intoxication.
Udivlenie loop can be the result of an accident, when, for example, in the moving parts of the machines are the ends of scarves, kerchiefs, ties, etc. When davlenii loop are cases of suicides at laying the loop and its tightening using twist.
If davlenii loop victim does not die, but remains alive, he has observed the same postasphyxial phenomenon that you hanging. If it was found that violent actions when davlenii loops were made by other hand, is determined by the severity of injuries. Compression of the neck organs, accompanied expressed complex life-threatening events (disorder of cerebral circulation, loss of consciousness, amnesia, and others), usually qualified according to article 108 of the criminal code of the RSFSR as grievous bodily damage which is dangerous for life at the time of application.
During the examination of the scene carefully examines the General situation and possible confusion, position, and body posture, especially loops, its nature, location, direction, isolation, particularly binding site etc. are state service, damage, dirt, stains of various origins, all damage on the body, especially pointing to combat and self-defense. Carefully describes strangulation furrow, typical for udivlenie loop features.