Udivlenie hands

The compression of the neck can be made with one hand, as a rule, front or two hands, often during their positioning in the back (Fig. 10).
udivlenie hands
Fig. 10. Damage to the neck when davlenii hands.

The main decisive factor in the Genesis of death when davlenii hands is the compression of the carotid arteries, verkhneportovaja and vagus nerves. When the compression of the neck organs hands develop obshestvennie signs observed in the external and internal examination of the corpse.
Specific evidence indicating udivlenie hands are multiple injuries in the form of a Crescent and longitudinal bruises and abrasions on the skin anterolateral surfaces neck. In case of compression of the neck right hand main damage, sometimes in the form of prints from four fingers are on the left side. If udivlenie was done with the left hand, the main damage will be located on the right side of the neck. In case of compression of the neck with two hands damage can be localized on the whole surface of the neck.
When davlenii hands newborn abrasion can be located on the back of the neck as his fingers, covering the neck, his nail phalanx close behind. If there is any damage to the neck of the newborn must be differentiated from the damage inflicted on women in self-help during childbirth; such damages are usually located in the upper part of the neck in a cross or oblique direction.
When the internal investigation: in the soft tissues of the neck observed extensive bleeding; they can be marked in the deep root of the tongue, to detect them it is necessary to make corresponding cuts. Typical fractures of the hyoid bone and thyroid cartilage, and cartilages of the larynx.
Compression of the neck organs, if this was followed by death, as shown by the investigative practice, caused someone's hand. While on the body of the victim can be detected by various injuries. More typical are damaged in the occipital region occurred while pressing the back of his head hard items. There are injuries in the form of bruises and even fractures of ribs in case of compression of the chest with his knee forward during the pressing of the victim's body to the ground floor and other
Because udivlenie hands caused someone's hand, when the examination of the scene of particular importance is the detection of disorder in the surrounding objects and clothes on the body. Evidence-based expert importance is the presence of traces of the impact of the fingers on the skin of the neck (abrasion Crescent-shaped bruises). However, the absence of these tracks at external examination of the corpse at the scene thumb in itself does not exclude the death from udivlenie hands. In the conditions of struggle and self-defense when davlenii hands damage can be detected by an expert on various parts of the body.