Carbohydrates (glycide) - a group of organic compounds with the General formula - mN2nAboutn. Formally carbohydrates can be seen as a compound of carbon and water [Cm(H20)n], hence the name carbohydrates. Along with proteins (see) and fats (see) needed for the life of animals and plants.
Carbohydrates are divided into simple, or monosaccharides (see), not able to hydrolysis, and complex carbohydrates, gidrolizuacy a series of simple carbohydrates. The number of atoms of carbon in a molecule simple carbohydrates are divided into tatroz, pentoses, hexose and so on, and on chemical structure is polyatomic aldehyde - and Cyanophyta - the aldose and ketosis. The most important are hexose: glucose (see) and fructose. Complex carbohydrates number resulting in their hydrolysis simple carbohydrates are divided into disaccharides, trisaccharide etc. and polysaccharides (see)that give the hydrolysis of many molecules simple carbohydrates. To disaccharides are: beet sugar, or sucrose (see), milk sugar or lactose (see), and other Polysaccharides are divided into: gonopoliskiy that give the hydrolysis one kind of simple carbohydrates (such as starch, cellulose give glucose), and heteropolysaccharides giving a mixture of simple carbohydrates and their derivatives, such as mucopolysaccharides (see) and other
Cm. also Carbohydrate metabolism.