Treatment and prevention of acne

Treatment. When youth and vulgar acne applied locally rubbing alcohol, inside - brewer's yeast, antibiotics. Vitamin a 15 drops 3 times a day after meals (for two months). Face cleaning prescribed for australopithecine acne and blackheads. Tube removed with Providenciales to exfoliate appoint 5-10%salicylic pasta, with festering injections of antibiotics, inside - sulfanilamidnye drugs. Are also injections staphylococcal toxoid, inside appoint ftivazid, sulfur and zinc. When infiltro - electrocoagulation, massage liquid nitrogen, masks with paraffin, ointment of Wilkinson.
If the patient has seborrhea oleosa and no astronomicaly items on the face, blackheads removed and later used plastic massage or massage with liquid nitrogen. They also massage and carbonic acid snow. In a porcelain mortar grind snow carbonic acid with precipitated sulphur and 5%-s ' solution of resorcinol with acetone. The mixture is applied on the gauze by which to massage your face for 15-10 minutes before the red light skin. The course consists of 10-15 sessions through the day. We must remember that in the presence of purulent, pustular, indurativnyy and ulcerative acne massage should not be done. In such cases, first, to sear papules and pustules liquid nitrogen after healing acne Molen carry massage. When nodular acne, you can burn nodes with liquid nitrogen before the emergence of bubbles, especially if they are on back and chest. Necessarily at first it is necessary to remove blackheads cleaning person. If not or purulent acute inflammatory phenomena, you can assign and beauty masks: skin cleared and warmed in the steam bath person within 5-10 minutes rubbing the plant thing hot (40 degrees), after 20-30 minutes a mask is washed off and the skin with a 1-2%salicylic spirit. Recurrent small papular and other acne subjected electrocoagulation or burn spark d'arsonval. Masks can be applied also from medicinal herbs sage, peppermint, chamomile, horsetail. A decoction of flowers, leaves heated in water bath for up to 40 degrees and place in the form of a mask on the face, after 20-30 minutes, take off the mask. Atheroma removed surgically.
Prevention. When minor rashes on the face with a black dot or pus itself is not necessary to squeeze out; you should RUB the face of a weak solution of alcohol, lemon juice or vodka. Diet for acne is of special importance. We need to limit food salt, fat, canned food, exclude honey, chocolate, alcoholic beverages, tobacco. To eat lean meat, dairy products, juices. Wash with warm water with bath or saddle soap. Sports, gymnastics, daily outdoors 1-2 hours, not overdo it, both physically and mentally. To ensure regular work of the gastrointestinal tract.