Acne and pimples

Conventional acne or acne suffer persons of both sexes (only in small children their is no). Eels are located mostly on the face, shoulders, back, chest - on areas where the skin is equipped with a large number of sebaceous glands. The cause of acne are seborrhea, infection stafilo-streptococcal type, the so-called acne Zheleznitsa (mite), disorders of the gastrointestinal tract, endocrine organs in excess androgens. However, we must remember that not everyone suffering from oily acne appears; they usually occur during puberty, the so - called teenage acne. Most of them is in 16-18 years. After 30 years of age acne usually disappear.
Teenage acne is often found on the face, sometimes on the chest and back. Sometimes simultaneously with acne are marked and increased oiliness of the skin, enlarged pores. Acne in young girls and women usually associated with dysfunction of the ovaries.
Acne vulgaris. They suffer from persons of both sexes; acne appears on the face, chest, back, shoulders. They can have a tapered or round shape, red, blue, purple, yellow-brown color, dimensions vary from a pinhead to the big pea.
Black acneor blackheads, represent the initial stage of ordinary acne. They consist of the cornified cells of superficial skin layer with a black tip - tube produced from chemically modified sebum, bacteria, dust and dead hair pigment. Comedones clog the pores of the skin. Acne usually on the wings of the nose, forehead, cheeks, chest, back. Occur in both sexes, especially in youth and middle age.
White acne, or corn Buntings, small, with hemp seed, spherical, dense education. This is close to the touch nodules, single or grouped. Resulting delays sebum deeply clove oil glands. Such acne most often found on the eyelids, cheeks, on the scrotum, the scars in some chronic skin diseases, porphyrin disease, tuberculosis ulcers of the skin and other
Necrotic acne. The weak anemic people simple acne often assume the nature of a necrotic formations; the birthplace of acne, in the center of it, appears dry dead scab, which leads to necrosis of the tissue. Under a scab is the destruction of tissues with capture of the leather itself. After healing such acne leaves scars similar to smallpox. They can be located at the temples, upper forehead, occur on the scalp. Difficult to local treatment require General systematic care.
Papular-pustular acne in appearance resemble small nodules-papules, red, pinkish, having on the periphery inflammatory zone. Papular acne is a further development of black comedones. The size they usually with lentils, sometimes nagnaivajutsja and resemble small cone of education with the tip containing pus. Pustular acne is very painful, they soon purulent softened, pus gradually settles on the surface of the skin and dries up. After the inflammation subsides, the crust is no longer remains a small scar. Deeper inflammatory processes lead to the formation indurativnyy, or bugorkov, blackheads, reaching the size of a bean and has a purple-red color. Such acne can develop in phlegmonously acne, exciting and subcutaneous adipose tissue. But the most severe variant of acne are the so-called spherical, or conglobata, acne: blue-purple, the size of a cherry, containing a number of blackheads and other types of acne. The reason for their appearance - pus that accumulates in the sebaceous gland and, having no outlet, the clog discharge duct: cysts are formed, they opened a fistula that produce abundant lucabrazzi pus. Nodular acne usually in the neck, chest, back; the resulting scars disfigure his face, cause neck stiffness, tightness of skin, pain.
Solar, or normal, eels are on the forehead, cheeks, chin, the open part of the chest, back, shoulders. They have a red-pink color and leave pigmented scars. Appear in spring and summer, under the influence of sunlight, partially or completely disappear in winter, have a chronic course, very difficult to treat.
Drug acne are the result of drug allergies may be more common in individuals who do not tolerate iodide and bromide and other drugs. On the face, chest, back in patients are bright red nodules, similar to a simple acne, which are rapidly converted into pustules. In the healing they leave a small scar, accompanied by itching, and sometimes with fever, headache, malaise. Unlike simple acne dosage acne have no comedones.
Professional acne occur in persons exposed to gasoline, kerosene, tar, tar, peat, oil, chemical emulsions. Occur most often on the extensor parts of the limbs. Chemical products, particles of industrial waste, accumulating in the mouths of follicles, pollute them, hence the black dots on the skin. Further to these places may occur small pustules. When Troubleshooting allergens acne easily treatable. Great is the role of protective pastes and creams.
Atheroma (sebaceous cyst) occurs in patients suffering from excessive secretion of sebum (oily seborrhea) and primevest. Atheroma - round, thick, sometimes painful, pale blue nodes in size from lentils to hazel. Atheroma can somawansa dense connective tissue capsule and remain in the form of a solid spherical tumors. Sometimes they are opened, izyaslau. Often the contents of atheroma (fat, crystals, hair, microbes) obesesluts; the described cases and malignant atheroma.

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