Acetic acid

Acetic acid (HF3COOH) - organic monobasic acid. Colourless liquid with a pungent smell, well soluble in water, alcohol, ether. Melting point anhydrous, or ice, acetic acid 16.6 degrees boiling point 118 degrees.
Acetic acid is formed by dry distillation of wood, in acetic acid fermentation ethanol; in industry acetic acid is obtained from acetic aldehyde. In acetic acid fermentation alcohol fluids produces natural, or wine, vinegar used as a flavoring and preservative agent in food industry and in private life; for the same purpose 3 - 6% solution of food acetic acid acetic essence"). An intermediate product of metabolism, acetic acid plays an important role in biochemical processes (see biological Oxidation).
Concentrated acetic acid is applied on the skin or mucous membranes, may cause severe burns; a pair of acetic acid, its aldehyde and ether irritate mucous membranes. Symptoms of poisoning with acetic acid and treatment - see Poisoning (acids).