Ulerythema is a group of inflammatory diseases of the skin, manifested persistent erythema, which ends with scarring without prior ulceration. Distinguish: Ulerythema centrifuge - surface form of chronic lupus erythematosus; Ulerythema ciconiformes - sycosis lupoid - a kind of staphylococcal folliculitis; Ulerythema acneiform - a kind of atrophoderma; Ulerythema superciliary Uns - Tencer, which typically appears in childhood or adolescence in the form of symmetric erythema with small nalivaiski knots (follicular hyperkeratosis) in the field brow and cheeks and less on the forehead. Hair eyebrows fall in developing a result of atrophy of the skin. The etiology is unknown.
Treatment: long-term appointment of vitamins a, C; naruzhno - 1-2% salicylic ointment.