Exercises for adults

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    Control complex I Complexes: 1 2 3 4 5 6
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  • Additional exercises
  • In later years the most important for weight loss is a fundamental change in lifestyle. The first step should be to change habits and mode of motor activity in the daily schedule.
    About the importance of muscular work to reduce overweight mentioned above. We'll remind that the exercises must be quite intensive and should be performed mainly at a fast pace to moderate fatigue. Muscular activity should cause the blood circulation apparatus reaction corresponding desktop pulse 140-160 UD/minutes
    To achieve weight loss, it is necessary thus to change the mode of life, to contain at least:
    20-30 minutes homemade gymnastics daily;
    1-2 times per week lessons in a group of health or other sports group;
    tours / activities other sports at the weekend.
    Vacation can be different, but always in motion, better compliance with special regime of weight reduction.
    Obesity is a disease, and it, like any other, should be treated. If we want to get rid of a sore throat, the doctor medications taken and follow the bed regime, to quickly recover. So it goes, and those who suffer from obesity - to bend every effort liquidation of extra pounds. After achieving optimal weight can slightly increase the caloric content of food, in proportion to reduce the intensity of physical activity. Of course, provided that you constantly watch your weight.
    It is much easier to get rid of excess weight in a dynamic phase, i.e. in the period of rise weight than eliminate stable exceeding it. This kind of prevention of illness, delayed development of obesity in the beginning. About it first of all should know young people, girls after puberty, young men who returned from the army, young women after childbirth and young men.
    Causes of weight gain is different, but the main thing - a sedentary lifestyle and excessive caloric food.
    In middle age overweight in most cases already stabilized, as he was not promptly reduced. Given that the average age is the productive age, everyone should be interested in the preservation of labor activity and to choose such forms of leisure, which provides an update of forces, restoring health. Eliminating excess weight, and you take away one of the causes of many diseases. And a healthy and strong organism - a guarantee of active and healthy ageing.
    Of course, easier to say than to implement. Modifying existing habits is a complicated matter, but the decision to look for you. Of course, no one for all magic formula, the program should be individualized. First, you need to consider:
    - do you organize your motor mode individually or together with other members of the family;
    - what motor skills, time, taking account of the work that you have;
    - what are your opportunities for physical training at the place of residence and work (sports groups, recreational activities, trips out of town on weekends).
    And then we have to sit down and write a plan - a kind of weekly fasting hours, and strictly adhere to it. For the beginning we recommend you to record hours each meal and the time allotted for classes.
    If you have friends with the same interests, is better: to be with someone to share the joy of the results and one to lean on when things will not work or when you want to just give up.
    We offer 24 exercises, easy to practice at home - one for every 14 days a year. In addition, for each quarter we chose one control complex, with which help you assess your fitness. Follow always on the first day of the quarter, check the results by the number of repetitions of each exercise and compare them with previous results. Exercise of each complex is chosen so that "work" on the main muscles and joints. So run complex entirely and in the order in which these exercises.
    For most diligent another set of exercises that can be supplied daily activities. After the completion of the annual program again start with the first complex, expanding its following four exercises. Additional exercises we divided into 12 complexes, designed specifically for those who are engaged in sedentary work, and 12 complexes - for those who work standing up. Of them and you will choose a 4 exercises additionally for each month.
    One occupation at home, of course, is not enough. Use other opportunities to move. Run, jump over the rope, ride a Bicycle, on skis, skates, play ball games, go in for rowing. If you are not obese high degree, will dedicate their time and tourism. People with great excess weight we don't recommend you to go Hiking, since excessively loaded the joints of the lower limbs suffer from the long walk, and, moreover, slow walk require very small energy consumption.