Uraturia is allocation of the increased amount of uratov and uric acid in the urine and drop them into the sediment.
Sediment out of uric acid crystals (see) has a yellowish color, if uratov (see) - red brick. With sharply expressed oratorii cloudy urine; characteristically, urine becomes transparent when heating.
Uraturia often occurs in cases involving high body temperature and abundant fluid loss; this uraturia transient and asymptomatic. Uraturia can occur in chronic diseases, when because of the protein (e.g., leukemia) increased allocation of uric acid. Persistent uraturia sometimes leads to the formation (see Renal disease).
If oratorii should not take foods rich in purines and increases the acidity of urine: grilled meat, meat broths, liver, brain, kidney, sardines, fat, etc. are Recommended fruits, vegetables, plenty of fluids, predominantly alkaline mineral waters.