Racemose the protrusion of the lower end of the ureter into the cavity bladder. Usually combined with underdevelopment of the lower segment of the ureter and the outside ring of the gallbladder wall (Algaerova of the vagina), reflected in the weakness and the sloppiness of the connective tissue in the area. Above narrowed mouth in the ureter is delayed urine, which in its reduction was evacuated with difficulty. Under the pressure of urine and peristalsis, the mucous membrane of the lower end of the ureter, weakly associated with his muscular wall, sliding into the bladder cavity in the form of spherical education, which shows a scatter the mouth of the ureter. Ureterocele drags surrounding the mucous membrane of the urinary bladder. Thus, a wall of ureterocele consists of two layers: the outer formed a mucous membrane of the bubble, and internal formed a mucous membrane of the ureter. Urine during systole ureter thin stream is allocated in a bubble, after which a cyst is decremented and incremented again when the accumulation in her urine.
Ureterocele found to the left slightly more often than the right, sometimes on both sides. In some cases, ureterocele fill the bladder, women sometimes fall through the urethra to the outside.
Ureterocele might not cause any disorder and does not affect the function of the kidneys. In other cases, gradually developing the extension of the ureter and kidney with consequent atrophy of the renal parenchyma - hydroretarder. When complications of infection occur attack pyelonephritis, accompanied by a high fever, chills and septic condition. Sometimes in the cavity of ureterocele stones are formed. When introducing it into the urethra or appear out extremely difficult urination, possible total urinary retention.
During cystoscopy at the place of the ureter mouth visible spherical bulging, covered with normal mucous membrane of the bubble (Fig. 61). Point the mouth of the ureter is often at the top of ureterocele, but sometimes on the back of its surface. In the latter case, the mouth is not visible. Cyst periodically decreases and increases.

ureterocele cystoscopy
Fig. 61. Ureterocele. Cystoscopy

Treatment is to cut the mouth of the ureter on the upper wall scissors or a probe for electrocoagulation - through operational cystoscope. In far comes Hydrometereology shows the removal of the kidney with the ureter (nephroureterectomy).