Stricture of the urethra

Acquired stricture (narrowing) of the urethra in the result of inflammatory diseases of, or injuries occur frequently.
Stricture manifest violation of urination: the power of the urine stream weakens, the stream becomes thin, difficult urination, requires long natureline abdominals. Appears, and then progressively increasing the amount of residual urine contributes to the dysfunction of the upper urinary tract and development of cystitis (see) and pyelonephritis (see). Stricture can occur in any part of the urethra. Crucial for the diagnosis has endourethral instrumental and x-ray examination. For the instrumental inspection are used various types of Buga (see). For treatment it is important to establish the etiology of stricture and the duration of its existence. Treatment may be operative and conservative. The first is used mainly in inflammatory strictures (see Urethrotomy). With traumatic strictures are restorative operations of various kinds. The main method of conservative treatment is systematic expansion of narrowing by conducting elastic or metal Buga. In the conservative treatment of stricture of the urethra and for certain types of operations are often observed in subsequent relapses strictures.

Tumors of the urinary canal

In the urethra can be benign and malignant tumors. First - polyps, angiomas, fibroids, fibroids, fibroids occur relatively frequently, the second - cancer, sarcoma is extremely rare. Symptoms of benign tumors are brought to unpleasant sensations in the urethra, the complicated, sometimes painful urination, bleeding from the urethra,urethrorrhea. Malignant tumors occur serous and purulent secretions, urine retention, aching pain; in the urethra probed seal. The most benign tumors are successfully treated by the method endourethral electrocoagulation (see). When infiltrating cancer of the urethra in men have to make the amputation of the penis with the subsequent removal of regional lymph nodes up to the lymph nodes of the femoral triangle. Women are held resection of the urethra in combination with subsequent radiotherapy.

polyp urethra
Fig. 1. Polyp of the urethra.
cancer of the urethra
Fig. 2. Cancer of the urethra.