Urethral cancer

Urethral cancer is a group of glands located in the lining of the urethra in its entirety. These include, apart urethral glands (glands Littre), also Bulbo-urethral gland (Cooper), prepucialna (titanova) gland and parauretral ducts (Skin).
The total number of urethral glands from 50 to 150, diameter 2-5 mm Pair of Bulbo-urethral glands are located in the thickness of the deep transverse muscle of perineum, secrete mucous secret. Excretory duct cancer falls into the beginning of the spongy part of the urethra. Prepucialna glands are located on the inner surface of the foreskin on the sides of the bridle. Their functions are unknown. Parauretral ducts pair, blindly ending tube length, 1.5-3 cm, are located in the muscle layer of the female urethra in the number 2-6, fall into the urethra near its external opening.
Inflammation of the urethral glands is observed in gonorrhea and non-specific urethritis (see). Diagnosis is by using palpation on introduced into the urethra of the bougie. Inflamed gland palpation in the form of small, dense formations. Inflammation bulbourethral glands diagnosed with finger rectal examination (see). Inflammation parauretral moves can be defined on the eye: holes ducts giperemiei, of which pus. Treatment of inflammatory diseases of urethral glands conservative: antibacterial therapy, local warm bath. In chronic inflammation - massage glands (see Massage, urology), diathermy, iontophoresis.