Lessons from Madame Vogelsang

In the summer of 1833 Pies visited the largest German hospitals, attended operating recognized experts - rust, Gref, Diffenbach. According to him, he found practical surgery completely isolated from anatomy. When the Gref had a major operation, he was invited to the table Professor of anatomy Lemma and asked him, if it isn't run the trunk or branch artery. Diffenbah did even easier: all artery he announced chimeras, not worthy of attention, and once sent to anatomist piece of tissue is cut from the language of the patient, and asked to define what kind of muscle.
Pirogov learned from them the technical devices used at a certain circle of operations, speed, so necessary in danarceni period, but the use of a theoretical lectures these surgeons were reduced to zero. Much more information brought him acquaintance with Madame Vogelsang.
Somehow Pirogov said at a Berlin hospital Charite is a room where you can, if he wants to practice operations on the corpses.
Once in a closet, close from the two tables, Pies with amazement little wrinkled woman in a striped apron and the arm ruffles. It was Madame Vogelsang, first helping women in childbirth, and then carried away by anatomy. The doctors of the Kingdom of Prussia before the state exams where they were supposed to demonstrate to the Commission the location of the internal organs of the chest or abdomen, resorted to sensible explanations Madame Vogelsang. At another time she was living in one small room.
Soon Madame Vogelsang called Russian at all interesting opening. Many hours they spent in a friendly work, and Pies thereafter called this the sliding woman expensive for himself a man.
He and Berlin continued his anatomical studies.