Sterilization urological Toolkit

Sterilization of all rubber and metal instruments, except for cystoscopy, is made by boiling during 30 minutes after thorough washing in running water with soap. Also sterilised elastic tools made of plastic.
Silk catheters, varnished, must be sterilized in pairs formalin during the day. For this purpose there is a special sterilizer, representing an oblong form the Cabinet, which has several strips with holes. On shelves stacked catheters and Buji, and at the bottom of the locker fill or dry formalin, or put a tray with naletim in her 40% solution of formaldehyde. Tools that are stored in this locker at any moment ready to use. Cystoscopy sterilised without optical system solution oxycanta mercury of 1 : 1000 for 20 minutes or above lockers with formaldehyde during the day. The optical part of the cystoscope and urethroscope sterilized in alcohol.