Horometry: 1 light (in the beaker with urine); 2 - heavy

Aromer - a device for determining the density of urine. At work it is necessary to have a set of eurometro. Usually use two prometra: light (Fig., 1), with divisions on a thin neck from 1,000 to 1,025, and severe (figure, 2) from 1,025 up to 1,050 (for highly concentrated urine). Urine is poured in a glass cylinder, designed for full immersion of eurometro. First of all put the light aromer, and if the density of urine will be a big,heavy. Aromer should not touch the walls of the cylinder. At present in laboratory practice widely used generic aromer with divisions from 1,000 to 1,050. Division of the scale, which plunges aromer corresponds to the density of urine at a certain temperature is usually at 20oC. Temperature correction for every 3 C above 20 degrees +0,001 below 20 degrees amendment deducted.
Cm. also Hydrometers.