Urinary numb

Urinary numb - penetration urine tissue in the result of infringement of an integrity of the urinary system. Urinary numb most often occurs due to injury; less often - with the defeat of the urinary tract tuberculosis, actinomycosis, tumors. As all the organs of the urogenital system surrounded by a loose fatty tissue and are connected with each other, urinary leakages can cover a large area and to appear in the distance from the affected organs.
Through a defect in the wall of one of the departments of the urinary tract urine penetrates into the surrounding tissue, impregnates her, causing necrosis, and creates favorable conditions for the development of infection. In the inflammatory process involving the lymphatic and blood vessels, develop phlebitis, thrombophlebitis and later, sepsis. Toxic foods, imbibing cause severe intoxication.
Clinic: after injury or on the background of chronic diseases one of the urinary system in the projection of the designated rupture occurs infiltration, which is increasing, accompanied by severe pain, fever, chills, drenching sweat. Urinary abscess is manifested slow increased swelling. Swelling, hyperemia in the area, a sharp pain indicate the abscess. When the surface location of the urinary streaks determined fluctuation. Later appear dark spots that indicate necrosis, opens urinary fistula, highlighted necrotic masses.
Treatment. Opening and wide drainage. The dead tissue to be removed. At damages of the ureter and Salecah in pozadine space overlaps nefro - or pyelostomy, and when Salecah on the grounds of damage to the urethra - epitestosterone (see Drainage). Prescribed antibiotics. In the postoperative period careful observation of normal work draining tubes. Each subsequent violation outflow again accompanied by penetration of urine in the previously formed urinary streaks cavity, which contributes to the existence of long-term healing of purulent-urinary fistula. The presence of the latter contributes to the development of renal amyloidosis (see Amyloidosis).