Stinging nettle

Stinging nettle (Urtica dioica L.) is a wild plant. Active ingredients are vitamin C, carotene, tannin and other Infusion of leaves (15 : 200, 1 tablespoon 3 times a day) or liquid extract (25-30 drops 3 times a day for half an hour before meals) used as a haemostatic agent.
stinging nettle
Nettle needs no introduction, know it all. The leaves and stems nettle-lined stinging hairs. The thin walls of the extended hair is soaked kremnezema. Just before they touch, they immediately break off and the sharp end hurt the skin. In wound gets acid, which is filled with the extended base of hairs, but what next, known to all: jumps blister that itches.
Nettle is one of the most widespread weeds. Long branched rhizome with underground shoots creeps in all directions, so nettle difficult to eradicate. It grows in groups on good soils: housing, near fences, at roadsides. In the forest are always with raspberries.
Prepare nettle leaves in may-July, when plants are in bloom. If you collect them later, they lose their useful properties.
Tear nettles in mittens, and often mowed, or cut with a hammer and wait until it Poduyane, and then cut the leaves - they are not so gutsa. Dried in the attics or under a shed, spreading a thin layer on paper or fabric. In the sun to dry cannot: leaves fade, vitamins are destroyed. Dried leaves easily break. Drying finish when the Central ribs and petioles are beginning to break down.
Grow two more kinds of nettle, who harvest should not: nettle burning and stinging Konopleva. Nettle burning with small leaves, a small plant, and Konopleva, on the contrary, is quite high. Found this nettle mainly in Siberia and the far East. You should not procure and plants of the family Labiatae, dead-nettle white and Gladenkaya - people call them deaf nettle. To distinguish easily doubles. Though their leaves and similar, but they had no stinging hairs and blooming plants are very different.
Nettle leaves contain vitamin C, carotene, b-vitamins and K. in Addition, they have the blood-forming minerals complex - copper, iron, manganese, and also organic acids, tanning agents. Drugs nettle is used as a styptic funds, pulmonary, renal, uterine and intestinal bleeding, as well as in atherosclerosis, iron deficiency anemia, cholecystitis, gastritis, ulcerative disease of the stomach and duodenum. The nettle is used externally for the treatment of festering wounds and ulcers. Nettle leaves are part of the vitamin, gastric and hemostatic fees. The nettle extract is included in the tablets "allohol", which is used for cholecystitis, disorders of the bowel.