Infringement is compression of the authority or other anatomical education (vessel, nerve, neurovascular bundle), causing a sharp disorders of blood circulation, innervation or violation of patency of the disadvantaged part. Infringement can be caused by foreign objects. More often infringe upon the effect that the body's own tissue: aponeurosis and muscles that form the edge of the hernial ring, - in strangulated hernia (see); sphincter anus - when the infringement dropped out of the rectum (see Prolapsed rectum); the skin of the flesh - when paraphimosis (see) and other
Any hardship can lead to the death of the aggrieved or (if paraphimosis) infringe tissues. The consequences of mortification depend on the localization and type of disadvantaged body. Infringement of internal organ is always dangerous. A common feature of all cases of infringement - severe pain, other symptoms vary depending on the localization of infringement. When fresh (without signs of necrosis) the infringement of hemorrhoids, dropped out of the rectum, paraphimosis, you should try setting disadvantaged parts. In all other cases of infringement is urgent that direction in the surgical hospital.