Investigation of the corpses newborns

The establishment of goosenest. Normal pregnancy in women lasts, on average, 10 lunar months (280 days) and ends physiological childbirth full-term fetus. Hence, the term is considered to be the child born after 38 to 40 weeks of pregnancy.
The corpse of goosenest installed along the length of the fetus (10 lunar months fruit reaches a length of 50 cm) and by the presence of nuclei Bekler - stiffness in the lower epiphysis of the femur, which appear in the second half of the 10th lunar month (Fig. 2).
the study of nuclei of Bekler
Fig. 2. The study of nuclei of Belara.

The establishment of the maturity of fruit and duration of fetal life. Under the maturity of fruit understand the extent of his physical development, which ensures availability of organs and systems to extrauterine life. Maturity is characterized by a complex of symptoms, which include: body length and mass, the size of the head, skin, hair, nails, genitals, umbilical cord, placenta, nuclei of ossification.
Maturity is determined not by any grounds, but complex, collectively, as the severity of these signs, even in the Mature fruit may be different.
Full-term fetus, as a rule, Mature.
If you determine that the baby is premature and immature, you must install it gestational age. For this purpose use a simple formula: if the length of the fruit of more than 25 cm, it is divided into 5, if the length of the fetus is less than 25 cm, they retrieve the square root obtained for the actions of the result and show the gestational age of the fetus in lunar months (midwifery).
Perhaps approximate determination of gestational age of the fetus through the umbilical cord length and weight of the placenta (table. 3).

Table 3. Weight of the placenta and umbilical cord length depending on the terms of pregnancy
Pregnancy duration, months The length of the umbilical cord, see Weight of the placenta, g

Determination of viability. Viability - the ability of the fetus to start and to continue life outside the mother's body in normal conditions.
Mature and Mature fruits, if they do not have birth defects or diseases incompatible with life, are viable. But viable may be premature fruit, reached necessary for life minimum degree of maturity. Viable recognised fruit, reached a weight of more than 1000 g and length more than 35 cm, which corresponds to 7 months of pregnancy. Such fruits for the continuation of life need special care in conditions of maternity institutions. In forensic practice viable considered to be normally developed infant when he was born after 8 lunar months of pregnancy (body length 40 cm, weight 1500-1600 g).