Eversion of the uterus

Eversion of the uterus is a rare complication of childbirth and the postnatal period, in which the uterus is fully or partially turned mucosa outwards and, passing through advanced Zev into the vagina, may fall out of the genital slit. Occurs when improper conduct following the period - coarse loop for the umbilical cord at the time of the admission of the Vendor with bad reduced the uterus. Eversion of the uterus may be (very rarely) with rojdayutsya submucosal site fibroids, located in the bottom of the uterus (oncogenetic eversion of the uterus).
When acute emerging eversion of the uterus is developing a shock. When acute effects are, the woman complains of feeling of enlargement in the vagina, frequent urge to urinate. In chronic, including oncogenetic, ectropion cancer patients complain of pain in the abdomen and rump, and the sense of spreading the vagina, bleeding.
Treatment. In acute eversion of the uterus under anesthesia produced (better in the first 2-6 hour. after eversion) the reduction of the uterus careful pressure on the bottom with two fingers and then fill it for internal throat. After the reduction is introduced into the vagina tight pad or alperenler to hold the uterus in this state, appoint tools that reduce the uterus (drugs LPV and others). When oncogenetic the eversion of the uterus shows the operation of removal of the uterus with the tumor.