Why sleep on it?

Independently there is another very interesting group of dreams - the so-called creative dreams.
Sometimes students tell: it solved the problem before going to sleep - nothing happened; he had fallen asleep, decided, in the morning only had to write the solution. Remember the book of N. Garin-Mikhailovsky "Childhood Theme". Lost Theme my dog Zucco. Been looking for it everywhere, but could not found. Wroth, and went to sleep in tears. Suddenly sees a dream: it is a Bug sits at the bottom of an old dried-up well. Woke up, went and found his dog. Sometimes scientists make in a dream of opening. Especially somehow carried to the chemists. Renowned German specialist of the von stradonitz could not understand the structure of molecules of benzene. It was established that she is a chain of 6 atoms of carbon, with associated 6 hydrogen atoms. However, the structural formula of benzene the von stradonitz could not build - didn valence. Helped a dream. The snake from 6 carbon atoms, danced in front of the inner eye of a scientist and day and night, one day suddenly grabbed his tail - ring is closed. This was the solution of the problem. Revealed the existence of a new class of chemical compounds - cyclic hydrocarbons. However, in the field of chemistry to go far for examples do not. Great Russian chemist D. I. Mendeleev it is in sleep opened the final version of his periodic table of chemical elements. Before this table in different ways all the time persecuted him awake in a dream, but there was no solution. Sometimes composers to hear in a dream desired melody. He lived in Italy, 300 years ago violinist and composer Tartini. He saw in a dream that it is the devil asks a violinist in the orchestra. "And you play good?" - "Look!" Takes the devil violin, the bow and begins to play wonderful melody. At that time Tartini wrote Sonata for violin and piano, and could not find the topic of the final, the final part of the work. The melody played by the devil, were exactly what was needed. Tartini woke up, wrote it down, graduated from the Sonata, and gave the product the name "Devil's trill". This is one of the best sonatas Tartini.
Maybe creative dreams are something unusual and contain some mysterious force? No. This is just additional work of the brain during sleep. As any additional work, she is in a dream can give the result. Of course, there are formidable obstacles; foreign dreams distort the course of creative thought. For the most part obtained "Abracadabra". However, under the shadow of a dream and there are moments that can encourage the creative solution. List them.
First, if the contours of the decision in reality is already in progress, the brain continues the same work, and the night brings only more time, which was not enough during the day. Here work in the dream gives only quantitative assistance to the creative process.
Second, weak signals, not attracted in the afternoon attention or even lying under the threshold of our sensations during sleep stronger. Fly turns into an elephant, and it is possible to consider some useful details. Fact or phenomenon gets put under the magnifying glass, attracts our attention and provides assistance in finding the truth.
Here comes another aspect of the problem of "mother - child". It may be that the mother did not merely overlooked available to the child first signs of disease. Mother, perhaps, not only does not catch, but generally not aware of their possible connection with illness. Any weak, Pamporovo-new strokes recovered her sight, hearing, deposited in the brain. In the past the emergence of these strokes repeatedly accompanied by his illness. After a number of combinations formed conditional relationship, and similar picture, rising, and even harder, during sleep, naturally brings to life the related mark - the memory of a sick child. Here we face the problem of intuition as unconscious of and experience with the issue of the role of the subconscious in our work, what this book has already been mentioned.
All the points set out in this second and the following two paragraphs, characterize already not quantitative but qualitative assistance dreams creativity, give what you can and cannot have in reality.
Thirdly, sometimes detected information, caught in the brain in addition to our attention, not conscious of reality, but to help us during dreaming.
Fourth, during sleep predominates creative thinking, roughly between various impressions. Can sometimes occur such intricate combination of tracks, which we would never come to a head during the day, and sometimes they do it. Creativity needs a fantasy, and it is in the sleep state it operates uncontrollably. Dreaming is a vast sea of animated trails where violence fantasies like a storm in a bright Sunny day, the storm, which gives the myriads of sparkling spray.
In a dream of fantasy can naturally communicate the elements of intuitive experience and observations. By hazard Pushkin's Tatyana saw in dreams the coming quarrel between Onegin and Lensky? In relations friends already awake has been a marked the contours of future conflict. A sensitive nature Tatiana caught them. Weak signals in a dream revived, has strengthened, intuition combined them properly. Of course, what killed it Lensky, coincided with reality by accident, but the conflict itself was predicted with a considerable share of the grounds.
As we see, in dreams are not only interference, but accomplices creativity. No doubt, the possibility to solve the problem in a dream and then Wake up to record solution (otherwise because'll never know that it took place), very small, and it is hardly possible to expect with confidence. If you go to bed, without solving the problem, hoping not on it, and that it will be solved in the morning with a fresh mind. Folk wisdom teaches that tomorrow is a new day. By the way, it is thus clear that tomorrow is a new day it for two reasons: a fresh head, and can be a task we decided at night, in those 99 minutes REM sleep, which know nothing. The decision was, lies in the brain, unknown to us. However, when we begin again the task to do, and a ready solution in the brain is, it will pop up faster. Many tasks in a dream, and dreams are solved in the subconscious, and only finished result is thrown in the sphere of consciousness, which proudly them operates, not even appreciating the services of the subconscious. In the sphere of the subconscious operates the computer of the brain, providing and issuing up, in the consciousness, the desired results. Scientists are now using special reception - download subconscious. In the evening ask yourself several times task and hope that it during sleep a certain way to move forward.