Air humidifiers

The article is devoted to the humidifier. Are mentioned: a steam humidifier ultrasonic humidifier, climatic complexes.

Humidity today is one of the reasons, which affects our health. From this factor suffers all - and die flowers, and crack furniture, by inhalation of dry air is dryness of mucous membranes, increases the risk of acquiring infectious disease.
The easiest way to increase the humidity of the air is to buy a humidifier.
All humidifiers able to work all day indoors, it may be some room or office, it is virtually silent and will not disturb you while you sleep. For such a device, you will only have from time to time to pour the water into the tank and to include it in the net.
There are several kinds of humidifiers. Will tell you all a little.
Steam humidifier. He works through the evaporation of water. By means of electrodes, water is heated to boiling point into steam. The peculiarity of this type of humidifier is the increase of air humidity of 60 %, and in comparison with other species, can destroy up to 700 gr. water per hour. For this device uses heat-resistant plastic and three-time security system will give the safety of the device in use. It is very easy to maintain, because it does not need any cartridges or filters, it does not use consumables. One of the disadvantages will be more power consumption, hence, more will be consumed electricity.
Steam humidifier can be used as an inhaler. If you add the desired medicinal infusion can then inhale the steam treatment. And if you add flavorings, then there will arise citrus scent or color that affects a person's mood. Such a device is simply necessary in greenhouses and greenhouses, they will do in the premises of the unique microclimate.
Ultrasonic humidifier. This type is the most popular, as it is developed on the basis of modern technologies. The principle of this humidifier is based on the transformation of water in a water cloud using high-frequency oscillations. In the device sucked dry air, and, passing through the cloud, he comes out in the form of cold fog. This mist is safe for children, as they cannot be burned as a regular ferry. The advantage of this humidifier in front of a steam similar is that thanks to the hydrostatics, he himself believed, when he needs to work and when not. A cartridge filter purifies it of impurities and various minerals, time filter 3 months, but can vary. Depends on hardness and water pollution. On many devices installed, the indicator, which determines the humidity of the air in the room. Some devices, particularly Boneco 7133 and Boneco 7135, thanks to built-in functions "Warm steam removes from the water microbes, providing antimicrobial protection areas. Compared to steam this type air humidifiers, it is more powerful and less powerful, but also more expensive.
Traditional humidifier (classic). In them inherent in the principle of cold evaporation. If water on special items fan draws air from the room and thus, it passes through the evaporator, saturated with water vapor. They are quieter, more economical and simple in operation. To improve performance, the device should be installed near a radiator or any other heat source. Classic humidifier works without the hydrostatics. If you set the capsule with aromatic substances, it can be used for aromatherapy. Tangible disadvantage is that it can saturate the air humidity up to 60 %, and therefore is not applicable in greenhouses and gardens, but is perfect for apartment, bedroom, children's room.
To date, the so-called climatic complexes - they simultaneously humidify and purify the air. Purification of air from pollutants such as pollen, dust, tobacco smoke and other harmful gases is a relevant today.