The peculiarities of nutrition of children in infant homes

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Most attention in organizing the nutrition of children in the children's home should be given to infants in the first year of life [Druzhinina L. Century, 1987]. First of all it is necessary to take all measures to ensure that children, especially the first months of life, breast milk. With this purpose should be undertaken a major outreach with mothers giving to education in a children's home children of the first months of life, to create all conditions for breastfeeding mothers. If the mother is a lot of milk, she can be admitted to the orphanage on a post of the nurse or receive a fee for the expressed milk, as a donor. In some cases, the children's home can provide nursing mothers hot meals.
Nurses home of the child, under current situation, housing, clothes, free food (nutrition standards in maternity hospitals). In addition, they receive wages, performing the duties of Junior medical personnel, mainly for the care of children.
We should seek to use donor milk raw. Woman taking milk, must be thoroughly examined, absolutely healthy. Expressing some milk should be done in the presence of dielectri children's home. To Express breast milk is allocated sterile utensils. Under these conditions, the milk can be used without pasteurization within 12 hours when stored in the refrigerator.
When organizing artificial feeding of children are preferred adapted milk mixture, produced by the domestic industry, "baby", "Baby", "DETOLACT, Vitalact", and imports-"bona", "Pitti, Similac, Toot-teli". Great efficiency have adapted dairy mixes-acidophilus mixture "Malutka", sour-milk "Vitalact, Bifiliz", "Balbobek", biolakt adapted. In the absence of such mixtures in industrial production can arrange preparation of similar dry mixtures in conditions of dairy food, according to the Ministry of health of the USSR instructions.
When appointing power, the physician should consider the child's state of health, level of physical development, individual characteristics, the nature of power, which he received in the nursing home, hospital or family. It is necessary to take into account the age and needs of the child in essential nutrients and energy, to which he is entitled by age volume of food, schema-feeding.
For consideration actually received by children food in the thoracic groups for each child is assigned an individual card for recording power (record form 124). The doctor prescribes mealtimes, specifies the number of each kind of food, and the staff group notes as a child actually eaten at each feeding each kind of food, and baby chair, vomiting, regurgitation, the dynamics of body weight. Based on these data, the doctor carries out the calculations of power and, if necessary, makes quantitative or qualitative correction. Individual maps of power usually start at 15 days. When changing the diet of the child in connection with the introduction of new dishes or their replacement should make a new map.
In addition to the individual cards, it is recommended to have a summary sheet power group, where for each child listed mealtimes and assigned food. It helps to organize the process of feeding the children in the group and strictly comply with the prescription.