Vacuum-extraction - operation of extraction head of a living fetus by vacuum extractor. If the operation is conducted with the purpose of stimulation generic activities, it is called vacuum - stimulation.
vacuum extractorVacuum extractor consists of a set of cups. A Cup apparatus by means of a rubber tube connected via a gauge with electric or manual suction. When the device between the Cup and the head of the fetus creates a negative pressure, and thus the Cup tightly held at the head of the fetus and when stretching causes the crown for himself.
Conditions for operation: occipital presentation of the fetus, no membranes, full opening of the cervix.
Indications: the outbreak of asphyxia, persistent weakness of labor activity, loss of umbilical cord.
Contraindications: a mismatch between the head of the foetus and the pelvis woman, extensor presentation of the head, prematurity fetus (less than 35 weeks), diseases of the mother, requiring off undertakings and anesthesia.
Preparation for the operation is the same as when applying forceps. A set of cups device is processed in advance by the method of dry sterilization.
vacuum - extractionTechnique of vacuum extraction. The operation produces a doctor. A Cup of vacuum extractor side is injected into the vagina, and then is translated in a frontal position, and put to the head of the fetus, is closer to a small fontanel. After that assistant (nurse, midwife) slowly for 2-3 minutes, bring the negative pressure in the vacuum apparatus to 0.7 kg/cm2 (550 mm RT. Art.). Traction produce one hand, located directly at the base of the Cup of vacuum extractor, synchronously with attempts woman. Removing the head usually continue until the eruption of the parietal Bugrov, then a Cup shoot. Further extraction of the fetus, as usual in childbirth (see).
After vacuum extraction newborn needs special care (see a Newborn baby, Birth trauma).