Vagotomy is the intersection of stray nerves. Indications: the stomach ulcer, high acidity gastric juice, do not respond to medical treatment; postoperative peptic ulcers anastomosis; a relapse of peptic ulcer disease after resection of the stomach. The result vagotomy is a decrease in the high acidity of gastric juice and his digestive ability, pain, ulcers roboeda. Wandering nerves are crossed at or above the diaphragm after laparotomy or thoracotomy. For more persistent effect wandering nerves excised 2-3 cm, which prevents their recovery.
After vagotomy been a violation evacuate the gastric contents, bloating, diarrhea. Therefore, vagotomy combine with one of the operations that facilitate gastric emptying, often with resection of the pyloric.
Patients care after vagotomy - see the Postoperative period, after operations on the organs of abdominal cavity.