"In the vegetable forces are great" - old spoke in Russia. Vegetables are our constant companions. We usually pronounce their names and did not think, what is the power in them, how valuable they contain. And they supply our body digestible carbohydrates and proteins, vital substances. However, not all are known for their medicinal properties. So healing basket will be useful even in ordinary garden.

  • Cabbage
  • That's how many of the drugs on a vegetable plot! We haven't talked about tomatoes and peppers, turnips and rutabagas, parsnip, parsley, peas, asparagus, various salads, eggplant, horseradish, sorrel, spinach, so-called grass-seasoning. A lot of them, they are very different, but all the healers. Many of them pause inflammatory processes, they are used as a microbicide.
    As you can see, all garden plants - an inexhaustible source of health. To forget it is not necessary.